Privacy policy

MORINYU SUNWORLD (“We” or “us”) protect customers’ privacy and carefully handle the personal information of customers.

Basic policies for the protection of personal information
  • In engaging in business activities, we will collect, use and provide personal information appropriately, and consider the contents and size of the business in question.
  • We will consider safety and ensure measures to prevent and correct risks, such as illegal access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification and leak of personal information.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.
  • We will continuously improve our compliance programs.
Obtaining personal information
In case we need to obtain customers’ personal information, we will notify the customer or publicly announce why in advance or after obtaining such information.
If you call us to express your views or make comments, we may record the conversation to ensure the details are accurately understood.
Using personal information
We may use the personal information of customers that we have obtained legally for the following purposes.
  • To inform the customer of our products and services
  • To send the customer our product samples
  • To conduct surveys on our products and services
  • To send the customer a campaign prize that they are eligible for
  • To respond to inquiries, views and comments from the customer
  • To respond at a later date to a customer who has contacted us to make inquiries, express views and make comments
  • To conduct surveys about our response to customers who have contacted us for inquiries, expressing views and making comments
  • To perform operations consigned by our clients
Should these purposes change, we will notify the customer or publicly announce why.
Protecting and managing personal information
We will manage personal information from customers strictly.
We will ensure the necessary and appropriate safety measures to protect the personal information that we have obtained from any loss, destruction, illegal leaks out of the company, falsifications, and illegal access.
We will properly manage the personal information from customers and will not disclose or provide such information to any third party (except consignees) without the customers’ approval. However, in case of the following, we may disclose and provide the personal information of the customer without the customer’s approval.
  • If we are requested to disclose or provide such information by law.
  • If providing such personal information is deemed vital to protect the life, body or financial assets of a person and getting approval of the customer is difficult.
  • If providing such personal information is vital in improving public hygiene or for the healthy growth of children and getting approval of the customer is difficult.
  • If we need to cooperate with a national agency, a regional public organization or their consignee in performing legally required administrative work, and when obtaining the customer’s approval could interfere with the execution of such administrative work.
We may consign the handling of personal information to external parties. In this case, we will consign the handling of personal information to trusted companies whom we deem capable of properly protecting and managing personal information.
About access history
When you click specific URLs on the Morinyu Sunworld webpage, information that you clicked these URLs will be recorded on the system managed by Morinyu Sunworld. The information is used mainly to survey how frequently the webpage was accessed and not to identify specific individuals.
About cookies
1. What are cookies?
Cookies are a mechanism to save on your computer information such as your webpage browsing history.
If your browser setting allows cookies to be sent and received, Morinyu Sunworld can obtain cookie information from your computer (browser) when you access the Morinyu Sunworld webpage.
Even though Morinyu Sunworld uses cookies to provide better services, the cookies do not contain information that will lead to identifying specific individuals.
2. About cookie use
On the website we manage, we use cookies, using cookie technologies, to make the website more user-friendly, statistically understand how the webpage has been viewed to improve the webpage, display the webpage in a way that is best for customers, and to distribute ads.
Third-party distributors such as Google and Yahoo! JAPAN will distribute ads using the cookies provided by Morinyu Sunworld, and based on past information of accessing the Morinyu Sunworld webpage.
3. Managing cookies
You can deactivate (or activate) third-party distributors’ use of your cookies. Read the following to see how you can change settings for Google and Yahoo! JAPAN, who are both major distributors.
For Google, access the opt-out page to deactivate (or activate) the use of your cookies by Google.
For Yahoo! JAPAN, access the opt-out page to partly deactivate (or activate) the ause of your cookies by Yahoo! JAPAN.
By changing your browser settings, you can deactivate (or activate) cookies, or delete cookies that have been saved. The way to do this varies by browser. Go to your browser’s “Help” menu for more details.
Please remember that if you deactivate cookies (block cookies), you may not be able to access some of Morinyu Sunworld’s services.
Updating our privacy policy
We will continuously review and improve the contents of our privacy policy. Please note that in such cases, the details of this policy will be amended.